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Beautiful #European girls

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The European Women and Girls - a mystery

We would like to share with you a text made by a Romanian girl about our website :


If we try to find any definition on this question „What is the woman?”, I am sure that there are a lot of possible answers… But I guess we are unsure when it comes about to create a sure definition about her being or existence.

These days I was browsing many sites about the women’s and girls beauty and one of them made me stop and read all about our origins and how can we be so different, but we come in the same time from the same continent: Europe. (This site follows only the European Women and girls). It may be sometimes well curious about our different ways to live, to dress, to eat, to have fun, but at least, we have the same origin, maybe the same blood…

I was very proud of reading about the European traditional songs, about how people appreciate the identity, the countries that we’ve might already visited and we had not enough time to stay and to find out more about the diversity of being European woman or girl. That was the best argument that made me to write this article after reading the pages on that website.

Because we live in a world full of technology and E-pages, I was very curious to find its blog page, too. It’s extraordinairy to see how many stuff you can watch and listen to their facebook page.

All I can say is I tried to find a possible definition about being a woman, but unfortunately it was with no success. At least, I am following their pages and I am still searching for a possible definition.

By Miha From Romania

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