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Polish folk costumes

Beautiful #European girls

Beautiful #European girls

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Promote the diversity and the european girls' & women's beauty.

We want to make our fellow European people to feel proud of themselves, of our blood and of our beautiful lands. We need to continue our ancestors' line, to make our traditions living well and strong, to embrace a way of life in which we improve our identity.

Another of our purpose is to show our amazing diversity, the richness of our european identities, every specificities of our different nations, our original gods and historical periods, anecdotes and costumes. Every point of our history is part of our great identity and strengthens our will to defend it.

Women are the better link to our myths and legends, they're the greatest representatives of the beauty and the strongness of our people, they're the pilar of our homes, while being able of the sweetest behaviour of motherhood.

Make our story live longer, defend our stunning european identity ! Live european !

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